PV Solar Panels

slide 01 275x300 PV Solar PanelsViessmann Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the suns energy (sunlight or sun ultra violet radiation) directly into electricity.

Installing a photovoltaic system isn’t rocket science. With the fully assembled panels, you too could soon be getting power straight from your roof.

Installing a Vitovolt photovoltaic system on the roof turns every homeowner into a power generator. Fit photovoltaic panels onto the roof, plug leads together, connect an inverter, done!

Vitovolt function explained

Basically, a mains-connected solar power system operates in three stages:

1. Harvesting energy
Electrons are released when light strikes the photovoltaic panels. Positive or negative charge carriers collect at the electrical contacts, resulting in a DC current between the front and back of the cell. This photoelectric effect is produced without mechanical or chemical reactions, and so is maintenance-free and not subject to wear.

2. Power conversion
DC power produced by the solar generator is converted by the inverter into AC power, suitable for the power network (230 V AC at 50 Hz). Proven safety standards and fully developed power processors, as well as cutting edge electronics, ensure effective conversion of the solar power.

3. Energy utilisation
Contrary to stand-alone systems where the solar power must be stored in rechargeable batteries, systems linked to the mains feed all harvested power directly into the public grid. A separate meter is installed which monitors the power fed into the mains system. The generated energy is reimbursed by the electricity supply utility.

pv panels on house 300x229 PV Solar PanelsVitovolt benefits at a glance:

  • Output warranty for up to 25 years through the high quality standard applied to the selection of silicon cells
  • Assured performance through silicon cells manufactured to the highest quality standard
  • All necessary components, such as interconnecting cables and the inverter of the photovoltaic system, are perfectly matched up
  • Good inherent panel stability through robust aluminium frame and, in case of Vitovolt 300, through double-glazed design
  • Encapsulating the Vitovolt 300 cells between two panes of solar glass ensures a long service life and high resistance to environmental influences

Quick installation through:

  • Simple push connection of electrical cables,
  • Installation set for vertical and horizontal rooftop installation
  • Integral bypass diodes ensure high yields, even with partially shaded panels (avoiding hot spots)
  • Fully wired, highly efficient inverter with integral information display
  • Optional data capture and remote display

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